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 Clan Rules and Regulations

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Clan Rules and Regulations Empty
PostSubject: Clan Rules and Regulations   Clan Rules and Regulations EmptyWed Jan 26, 2011 4:00 am

These are the rules that all sL members must follow...NO EXCEPTIONS. The consequences for breaking each rule are listed with te rules.

In addition, if a member repeatedly breaks minor rules that don't (in themselves) deserve a boot, the clan generals/officers will meet and may dismiss such repeat offenders.

These rules are subject to change.


1. RESPECT all clan members. We are a brotherhood ~ Savage Life, respect our black and yellow motherfuckers. Your fellow clan members are more important than your mother, father, brothers, and sisters, and you better treat them as such. This means---

A. No BLAMING other clan members for a loss, regardless of how bad they play (if you want to offer constructive criticism, cool, but do it wit respect)
B. No BOOTING any clan member from a game/party without a legitimate reason (i.e. AFK for long period of time)
C. No FIGHTING/ARGUING about stupid bullshit with other clan members.
D. Any other type of FUCKING DISRESPECT. We die for each other (literally) and if we are gonna be a cohesive unit we better back each other ifs, ands, or buts.

~ The consequences for breaking any of these rules will vary depending on the severity, and will be judged by the officers/generals.

2. All players that AREN'T in the clan should INITIALLY be treated with the same respect that is afforded to clan members...remember, you are representing clan sL. HOWEVER, this rule coincides with rule matter how much trash you talk, discrimnation is off-limits (see rule #4 for details).

A. This DOES NOT include opponents. When you face off against other people, we encourage trash talking. We are the shit, and everybody should know it.
B. During clan events (tournaments, clan wars, etc.) it is expected that you treat opponents with respect, regardless of their attitude. Even during these competitive events, however, it is acceptable to try and trash talk to get into the opponents' heads. Again, do not go overboard (meaning, do not break rule #4).

~ The only consequence that can arise from this rule is if a clan member disrespects a player that is NOT an opponent OR disrespects an opponent in such a way that rule #4 is broken. In this case, the generals/officers will determine the appropriate punishment, which will depend on the severity of the incident.

3. ABSOLUTELY NO hacking of any kind is permitted. This includes everything that can be construed as, host booting, etc ~ ANY sL MEMBER FOUND GUILTY OF HACKING WILL BE INSTANTLY BOOTED BY DUFFCITY

4. No discrimination is allowed towards ANY player (i.e. racism, etc.)...this includes other teams. We may be a bunch of assholes that trash talk, but there is a line between fun trash talking and actual Nazi-esque hate. This line CANNOT be crossed and, depending on the severity, is grounds for immediate dismissal from the clan.

5. Never leave a member behide in matchmaking without a good fucking reason...and it better be a good reason. If you are leaving games to save your arena rating...understandable...but bailing out on a game with no warning will have consequences determined by the generals/officers.

6. Do not remove members from parties/games without a good reason...I.E. not listening to directions or AFK/unresponsive. If you must remove a clan member for a legit reason, send them a message and explain why beforehand. This should be a simple rule to follow, but if problems arise it is up to the victimized person(s) to contact Duffcity and explain the situation.

7. All clan members MUST be registered on the forums AND must check the forums regularly. Ideally, all members should check the forums once a day for updates, news, etc. AT THE VERY LEAST, members are expected to check the forums 3 times per week.

8. All clan members MUST have and use a microphone at all times. If there are technical difficulties, you must let party members know before starting games---and if the party members do not want to play as a result, they may leave you. There are no consequences for breaking this rule, because if you do not have a microphone, you will not be invited to the clan...

9. All clan members are REQUIRED to remain in uniform (Black & Yellow or Yellow & Black)
A. We aren't bumblebee-fuckin-Nazis....if you prefer to rock other colors on your own time, that is fine (although reppin the clan colors is preferable and shows unity/commitment)
B. HOWEVER, during all clan events (i.e. practices, meetings, clan games, clan wars, etc...basically anytime you are playing with other clan members) the black and yellow is REQUIRED.

~ Representing the clan with black and yellow uniform IS NOT required when you are playing by yourself or with non-clan friends in random games...HOWEVER, it'd be straight as helll to rock our jersey on the time. BUT IF you are not sporting clan colors while playing with other members of the clan (especially in tournaments, practices, etc.) you will be asked to switch your colors. If you refuse to change colors, the generals/officers will have a meeting to decide the appropriate consequence...and don't test us.


CONSEQUENCES FOR BREAKING EACH SPECIFIC RULE ARE SPECIFIED ABOVE, BUT TO RECAP...ALL OF THE FOLLOWING ARE EXAMPLES (note: these are only examples; the severity of the crime will determine the punishment. But we aren't fuckin around):

1. Suspension(s) from Practices/Meetings for X amount of weeks
2. Ineligible for upcoming clan tournament(s) or clan war(s)
3. Suspension from playing ANY game with ANY clan member for X amount of time
4. Loss of rank---back to recruit status and must undergo the recruitment phase again
5. Exile from the clan.[b]
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Clan Rules and Regulations
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