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 Old Clan Ranking System ~ Leaving this up for history's sake.

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PostSubject: Old Clan Ranking System ~ Leaving this up for history's sake.   Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:38 pm

What follows is the OLD clan ranking system that we used at the beginning of our history. Please see the post entitled "New Clan Ranking System..." for the current ranking system.
Please note this system is subject to change as our clan grows and evolves.

GENERAL ~ The leader of the clan. The clan general has the final call on all important clan decisions. This is not, however, ultimate power - the General is checked by the group of officers that work with him to decide major choices.

OFFICER ~ The sub-leaders of the clan. Officers have the power to recruit and promote members, and to cite disciplinary violences should they occur.

VETERAN ~ A veteran is an established member of the clan that has been loyal, active, and chill within the clan for a long period of time. Veterans cannot recruit or promote, but they have the power to REFER potential members and to forward disciplinary violences that they witness.

MEMBER ~ A member is someone who has proven themselves worthy of the sL clan tag and has undergone the recruitment phase. Members are expected to follow directions from officers and the general, and although they cannot recruit, can REFER possible recruits to veterans, officers, and generals.

RECRUIT ~ A new recruit to the sL family. During the recruitment phase -(ONE WEEK)-recruits will be evaluated on: activity, teamwork, communication, and attitude. At the conclusion of the ONE WEEK recruitment phase, the officers and general will confer and determine whether said recruit deserves membership in sL
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Old Clan Ranking System ~ Leaving this up for history's sake.
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