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 CLAN MEETING/PRACTICE RECAP /w ATTENDANCE ~ 03/28/11 ~ [Credit to the authors, C0l0nel Awesome (Recap) & LJ0021 (Attendance)]

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Colonel awesome

Colonel awesome

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PostSubject: CLAN MEETING/PRACTICE RECAP /w ATTENDANCE ~ 03/28/11 ~ [Credit to the authors, C0l0nel Awesome (Recap) & LJ0021 (Attendance)]   Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:32 pm

Well we started off introducing our new clan's HQ. I honestly believe that everyone enjoyed it, and everyone had a good time at the meeting.

First thing is first, Duff does NOT like the punching or firing of the guns, so if we could, be a little more mature and just listen. (it is a lot better than staring at a lobby for 45 mins)

Second there were some adjustments in the rankings.
Duffcity is no longer the leader. Shameless got all of us together and in a battle of epic proportions we overthrew Duff and Shameless took over. Actually that is false. Duffcity thought that Shameless was being a very good leader and he also saw that he had great potential, and Duff made Shameless Co-Leader. So Basically Savage Life is a joint operation.
Diamondz is now a Captain, because of his ability to get people together when they are online, and because he is active.
Wartoy is now an officer, because he is showing great potential and is working very hard.
The rank of Veteran was changed to the status of Lieutenant. On that note Colonel Awesome, and xXorcrisXx we giving the rank of Lieutenant.

After we got all the promotions out of the way, Duff felt the need for Shameless to give a speech.
Shameless' speech was so epicly amazing Duff felt obliged to say, and i quote "That was the best fucking speech I ever fucking heard."

There were a few questions by people about basic knowledge, and again Duff insisted that EVERYONE needs to visit the forum at least once a week. Preferably tuesday night since the meeting recap will be up by than. If everyone takes 5 min out of their time to look at the forums, we wouldn't have to take 5 min out of our meeting (making it that much longer) to answer you questions, which would give us more practice/play time.

A lot of question were about future Clan vs Clan tournaments and also 2v2 tournaments. (I really like the amount of question in this category, because it shows the anticipation and eagerness of our clan to get out their and kick some ass!) BUT Duff's answers were all the same. We need reliable people! The whole reason we had this 1v1 tournament was to show Duff who is reliable/responsible. The question of a clan emblem and clan armor came up, Duff didnt have anything to say, because we dont need to stress about that yet.

AlSO if anyone in this clan, ANYONE, gets threatened by anyone else (like someone saying "oh, my clan could kick your clan's ass!) don't take that bullshit! Just post it up on the forums and we will bury those fuckers to the ground IMMEDIATELY!

After the meeting we took pictures, there were only 13 of us so it was not the whole clan, they will be posted below.

I just want to say to the people that were at the meeting, that the meeting was actually over 45 min long. Being inside the HQ made it go by so much faster, and it is a lot less boring than staring at a lobby.

On a final note, the final 5 for the tournament are Bamskii, Diamondz, Orcris, Shameless, and Wartoy.

If there are any questions, ask!

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PostSubject: clan meeting attendance 3/28/11   Wed Mar 30, 2011 5:45 pm

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CLAN MEETING/PRACTICE RECAP /w ATTENDANCE ~ 03/28/11 ~ [Credit to the authors, C0l0nel Awesome (Recap) & LJ0021 (Attendance)]
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