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PostSubject: NEW CLAN RANKING SYSTEM   NEW CLAN RANKING SYSTEM EmptyWed Mar 09, 2011 12:13 am

Our clan is entering a new such, a new clan ranking system is going into effect. This also means that almost everyone will have a new rank. Your new rank in the clan will be sent to you via Xbox message either tonight or tomorrow.

The new ranks have been determined by: in-game activity (playing with clan members), attendance at meetings/practices, out-of-game activity (primarily, activity on THE FORUMS...I gave everyone many chances to make a post by Monday), and a few random factors such as leadership ability, loyalty, and generating new ideas.

Read on for a detailed explanation of the reasons behind this decision as well as the new ranks.


We aren't a group of 5-10 friends slowly building a team anymore. We are a LEGITIMATE motherfucking force on Halo: Reach with around 2 dozen committed, active members.

As such, having 5 rankings (General, Officer, Veteran, Member, Recruit) is too simple.

These are the new changes, which are going into effect immediately.

1. Leader ~ Clan leader(s). Responsible to put policies into effect after they've been discussed and analyzed. In charge of overseeing the command structure as well as the lower ranks. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


At this point, everyone who had a leadership role has had more than enough time to PROVE THAT THEY DESERVE IT. Savage Life isn't a clan of 5 or 6 friends anymore with everyone having a share of leadership. We have about 2 dozen members, which means that officers are actually going to have to be the most active, responsible members of the clan...and must be LEADERS that the entire clan can depend on. I'm not trying to disrespect y'all that have helped us become such a strong clan in such a short time...I'm looking out for the future of the clan. As far as I'm concerned, sL has the potential to become the most united/fun clan and the most skilled, if we put in the effort.

So, being honest, there are several leaders that HAVE NOT BEEN PARTICIPATING ENOUGH in clan decisions and directions. This is unacceptable. We are a serious clan at this point, and if we are going to compete with the top dogs it is going to take a group effort. Quite simply, I HAVE HAD TO DO THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE WORK...that includes recruitment, organization, and strategy. This isn't my opinion---it is fact. I've been spending 1.5-3 hours EVERY DAY dealing with little clan issues (10+ mails all the time), recruiting, organizing, and putting us where we are now. If we want to continue progressing I need help.

As such, the "officer" category is being revamped to be a little more specific as far as duties are concerned, and the title of officer is being taken away from some and given to others. THIS MEANS THAT I EXPECT ALL NEW OFFICERS TO STEP UP---AND FOR ALL PREVIOUS OFFICERS, YOU CAN STILL REGAIN YOUR ROLE WITH EFFORT.

The "officer" category is being split into 2 tiers---OFFICER, and CAPTAIN. These rankings will be very similar in terms of authority...however, Officers will be those that seriously dedicate themselves to the clan (and by that I mean...posting on the website, discussing ideas in game, leading parties, etc.) WHEREAS Captains will be those that, while still being involved in major decisions, are more active in-game (i.e. leading parties) than out-of-game.

IMPORTANT NOTE!: I'm not pointing these things out/proposing these changes to single anybody out, make anybody feel disrespected, or to stroke my own cock. I'm just looking out for the best interest of the clan. If you DO feel insulted by these statements and changes, remember: you are an officer in the clan. This means you are special, so don't cry.

IN ADDITION, I have identified three specific areas that the leadership must be responsible for. My idea here is to have both an OFFICER and a CAPTAIN working together in each branch. These changes are not being put into effect immediately, but are going to be discussed over the next week.

A. Leading parties & strategizing---This means assembling parties fairly and effectively, determining strategies before game and discussing them after games, etc. BASICALLY, this task requires people that are strategic, organized, and most importantly, GOOD WIT PEOPLE. If you are going to lead clan parties, you have to be able to do so without bias and you have to COMMAND RESPECT IF YOU WANT TO BE FOLLOWED. Also, this branch will have to be led by officers who are skilled players and vocal with their mics.

B. Recruitment & Personnel---Although we are closing recruitment to adjust to our new influx of members, it will open eventually. We need people that specifically focus on recruitment policies, but more importantly, OVERSEEING THE RECRUIT "ONE WEEK" PERIOD and evaluating players for both member status AND promotions. Also, this branch would deal with getting attendance and RSVP figured out for meetings and practices.

C. Structure & Organization---This branch would be primarily responsible to assess the direction of the clan and implement changes, as well as deal with clan activities...including meetings, practices, tournaments, and clan wars. It'll require officers with time, patience, and intelligence.

2. Officer ~ Leadership ranking. Officers' responsibilities are: first and foremost, to be very active & participate with clan decisions on the website, in game, etc. They will serve to generate clan ideas, organize tournaments, and be involved with every clan decision.

3. Captain ~ Leadership ranking. Captains' responsibilities are: to be very active and participate as much as possible with clan decisions. PRIMARILY, however, Captains will be in charge of team organization...specifically, leading parties, developing strategies, etc.

4. Veteran ~ Proven, dedicated, active member. The only change here is that, to be a veteran, I believe we should specify an amount of TIME you must be in the clan to become, appropriately, a "veteran". My idea is 3 months. The purpose of this rank is to reward members that are devoted to sL.

5. Member ~ Proven clan member that has had good activity, attendance, participation, and attitude.


6. Initiate ~ A member who has passed the recruitment phase and is officially in the clan. Initiates are expected to, at the very minimum, visit the forums weekly (and preferably make posts), have good activity, and attend clan events. The reason for this new rank is to differentiate between OBVIOUSLY DEVOTED sL members and those who have JUST passed the recruit phase.

7. Recruit ~ Same as it was. HOWEVER, this phase is going to be much more strictly monitored, and we will be kicking people that do not meet the standards. Speaking of, we will be making the standards more serious soon enough, because we have a solid amount of members and can afford to be picky.


8. Inactive ~ This rank should be created to house people that are either inactive, ex-members that log on occasionally, or close friends and family. The reason I believe we need this rank is because WE AREN'T ELITIST BASTARDS and shouldn't kick people that just can't be super-active. This way they can still be in the clan and potentially come back.


That's it. I'm tired of typing. Y'all better read this and respond if you have any questions. For any PERSONAL questions or issues, message me in-game.
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