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PostSubject: MEETING/PRACTICE RECAP w/ ATTENDANCE ~ 03/14/11   MEETING/PRACTICE RECAP w/ ATTENDANCE ~ 03/14/11 EmptyTue Mar 15, 2011 6:04 pm

03/14/11 ~ 11:00 p.m. EST ~ Clan Meeting/Practice #4 ~ Meeting Recap w/ Attendance

NOTE: This is a new feature we are implementing in response to a suggestion by TheSuperNoobFTW. From now on, following every meeting/practice, a recap will be posted to keep those that missed the meeting up-to-date. Attendance will also be included.

1. Duffcity
2. Manstatus101
3. Matts196AE
4. Shameless1r1sh
5. The DJ490
6. KSI Bluishnick
7. C0l0nel Awes0me
8. xxorcrisxx
9. Warx toy
10. Kaytoy
11. Junior9182
12. em1n3m Fan 58
14. LJ0021
15. Diamondz3


I. New Ranking System- We reviewed the new ranking system that had been put into place this week. We touched on reasons for the changes, the responsibilities of the new ranks, etc.
II. Recruitment- Recruitment is once again OPEN. Captains are heading the recruitment process, and have been assigned to develop a strict set of guidelines for what it takes to become a recruit/specifics about how long a player must remain as a recruit. Also, we discussed 'referrals'---non-officers can 'refer' good players and receive credit for doing so.
III. Forums- We discussed the need for MORE PARTICIPATION ON FORUMS, especially ideas. We have been doing better but have more to do.
IV. FIRST CLAN TOURNAMENT- We discussed details for the first clan tournament AND AFTER AN OVERWHELMING MAJORITY VOTE, DECIDED TO BEGIN THE FIRST ROUND. The details of the tournament are as follows:

- 1v1 single-elimination tournament, unlimited time, first to 25
- First round of the tournament will last UNTIL 12:00 A.M. MONDAY MORNING. This is so that EVERY CLAN MEMBER gets a chance to participate in the first tournament. Those that are interested but have not yet signed up must do so ASAP, and will be assigned to a game.
- Subsequent rounds will all take place next week. It is only this first round that is a week long
- Map = clan HOME TURF (MLG Sanctuary). If you do not have the map, you must get it from another member.
- Primary weapon= DMR Secondary Weapon= AR. All other map presets should remain the same.
- At the beginning of the game, one player must take responsibility to save the video at the end, no matter the outcome. This is for fun and all videos will be posted on the website.
- Matchups are drawn AT RANDOM by Duff. Ghetto, but for this tournament we literally picked names out of a bowl.

That's about it. For more details on the tournament, please see the other thread dedicated to it.

Also, I need someone to step up and take the responsibility to do these recap write-ups besides myself. For any questions/comments about anything discussed here, please reply or msg in game.
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