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PostSubject: MEETING/PRACTICE RECAP w/ ATTENDANCE ~ 03/21/11   MEETING/PRACTICE RECAP w/ ATTENDANCE ~ 03/21/11 EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 9:48 pm

As promised, here is the recap of last Monday's meeting/practice for those that missed it. Attendance is included.

NOTE: This week's meeting time was very brief (approx. 15 min.). We had a long meeting last week and it wasn't necessary to spend 1+ hours in discussion.


1. Duffcity
2. KSI Bluishnick
3. Bammskii
4. C0l0nel Awes0me
5. xxOrcrisxx
6. Digital Jeesus
7. LJ0021
8. Sunlitghost312
9. em1n3m Fan 58
10. TheDJ 490

LATE: Practice Only

11. Kaytoy
12. Warx Toy


As mentioned above, this was a very brief meeting (approx. 15 minutes).

At the outset of the meeting, Sunlitghost312 asked, "Why are we having so many meetings all of a sudden?" The answer is that we have meeting/practice EVERY MONDAY @ 11:00 p.m. EST, regardless of whether we have things to discuss or not. This was a GOOD question---and from now on everybody needs to understand that we have these meetings/practices in order to strengthen clan unity, practice teamwork, and keep everybody up to date on "The State of the Union".

We discussed a couple important topics during the meeting, despite it being only 15 min. long---

1. Forum Participation:

We been doing somewhat better, but it is still VERY DISAPPOINTING at the level of activity from the clan on the FORUMS. I don't think it is too much to ask that everyone check the forums occasionally, and make a post once in a while. In an ELITE clan, the members check the forums and post on the forums daily. I can't even get y'all to check the motherfucker on a WEEKLY basis. Recently, I even announced that all members had a week to make a post (even if it just said "Hello") on the forums, and that anyone who didn't post would be booted. I didn't boot anyone--it was a test to see who was dedicated--and only about 1/2 the clan followed through.

Totally unacceptable. Considering that we are entering the next stage in "eliteness" (tournaments/leagues), there is NO ROOM IN THIS CLAN FOR PEOPLE THAT CAN'T USE THE FORUMS. You know how long it takes to organize shit via the Halo: Reach msg system? You get 15 seconds of voice per msg., and typing is length limited and takes FOREVER to do.

If this problem does not improve in the near future, the leadership council will begin demoting and booting those who are inactive on the forums: NO EXCCEPTIONS. Consider this discussion as the first warning.

2. Tournament First-Round Recap:

This was the primary topic of our brief meeting. I spent a minute announcing all of the first-round results (winners, losers, and scores).

I extend a big THANK YOU to those that participated in the first round of our first clan tournament (in total, 20 members participated). Although I'd like to see 100% participation (especially in a 1-week first round), I must say that I was pleased by the amount of people that took part in the tournament...especially considering it was our first clan tournament, and thus, somewhat disorganized.

The FIRST REASON we decided to have a 1v1, week-long first round, open-to-all tournament first was to get EVERYONE used to competitive play. This includes: (A) Scheduling matches (B) Developing & Following tournament rules (C) Playing in a serious environment (D) Everything else that comes with tournament/league play (too many factors to list).

The SECOND REASON was to identify which members of the clan: (A) Would sign up for competitive play (B) Would adhere to the rules and guidelines of the tournament (C) Would SHOW UP TO SCHEDULED MATCHES (D) Displayed good in-game skills.

The THIRD REASON was to work out all the problems that would undoubtedly show up. There were many issues that arose, but nothing too extreme. However, the issues were: (A) FOLLOWING TOURNAMENT GUIDELINES/RULES: Including PLAYING TO 25 KILLS (many people played for merely 10 minutes) (B) USING THE MAP PRESETS (some games were played without the proper primary/secondary weapons (DMR/AR) powerups (map default) and weapon spawns (map default).


(C) SETTING UP A TIME & SHOWING UP FOR MATCHES: This was the MOST PROBLEMATIC ISSUE. We spent one whole week on the first round to guarantee that everybody had ample time to sign up for the tournament, get assigned an opponent, and organize a time to meet and play. In a similar vein to the problem with forum participation, IT ISN'T TOO MUCH TO ASK TO SET UP 30 MINUTES TO PLAY A GAME AGAINST A FELLOW CLAN MEMBER. With an entire WEEK to do so (there are 10,080 minutes in a week, to put it in perspective) this should NOT be an issue. And yet, for several people it was...

In a non-clan tournament or game, scheduling will be much more strict that finding 30 minutes out of 10,080 minutes of time. Y'all will, in most instances, receive a preset time and be expected to attend. I WILL NOT have our clan embarrassed by no-shows, especially in a league setting. If we lose games, so be it. But we WILL NOT LOSE RESPECT AND REPUTATION VIA FORFEIT. Anyone that has trouble finding 30 minutes of time, using their own schedule, in an entire week, probably CANNOT be relied upon to be in outside tournaments or leagues. It's as simple as that.


That's it. For more detailed tournament information, please visit the NEWLY-CREATED Tournaments/Leagues/Competitions Forum.

11:00 p.m. on Monday, March 21st is the next meeting/practice.

- Duff
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