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 Forging our HQ

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Forging our HQ Empty
PostSubject: Forging our HQ   Forging our HQ EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 10:21 pm

Whats up guys its xxorcrisxx here and i have an announcement, as most of you will find out we have a new clan HQ*!! This HQ is made possible by our clans' forgers. We would like to note that this HQ is not complete and has some future construction planned. We are going to add a hall of fame with the names of tournament winners and league game winners written on the walls.

If you have an idea please message us in game, remember this is your HQ too, we would like your imput.
We would like each of you to help make this HQ, let us know this week so we can have a finnished version by next meeting, it is time to forever write a part of sL history!

*Savage Life HQ and its gametype was created by c0l0nel awes0me and xxorcrisxx, assissted by sunlitghost and ksi bluishnick.
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Forging our HQ
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