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 1 v 1 Tournament *FINAL FOUR*

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1 v 1 Tournament *FINAL FOUR* Empty
PostSubject: 1 v 1 Tournament *FINAL FOUR*   1 v 1 Tournament *FINAL FOUR* EmptyWed Apr 06, 2011 8:00 pm

First off I'd like to thank everyone in the final 5 for voting on the rumble pit schedule. Oh right, nobody did... thanks retards. Because of this, we set up 3 separate times on xbox live for the final 5 to meet and have a rumble pit for the seedings. At none of the 3 times were all 5 people able to meet up. However, one member did not make any of the meetings or make any attempts to contact anyone. So as promised regarding this type of situation previously, he is eliminated. For every meeting someone made they get a check. The more checks someone got, the higher the seed, and the matches were made from there for the final 4; no rumble pit needed.


ShaMeLesS1r1sH vs WARx TOY
xXorcrisXx vs diamondz3

Congratulations to the final 4 players. Winners will play in a best of 3 championship round.
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1 v 1 Tournament *FINAL FOUR*
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