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 The Remainder of the 1v1 Tournament

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The Remainder of the 1v1 Tournament Empty
PostSubject: The Remainder of the 1v1 Tournament   The Remainder of the 1v1 Tournament EmptyThu Mar 24, 2011 10:41 pm

There were a lot of members online yesterday and we had a meeting about the remainder of the 1v1 tournament. To begin with the 2nd round matches have been drawn.

KSI bluishnick vs ShaMeLesS1r1sH
Diamondz3 vs Sunlitghost312
Duffcity vs Bammskii
Socojohnnyk vs Kaytoy
xXOrcrisXx vs THE DJ490

Due to the possibility of recently inactive members missing their match and for the purpose of getting this tournament completed sometime in the near future, 3 backups have been chosen to take people's place. These backups were chosen based upon miscommunication regarding the first round; they may have gotten the short end of the stick. However with that being said, the rules were clearly announced multiple times as well as posted under "Meeting Recap w/ Attendance for 3/14/11". In the future there will be less sympathy shown for people who are careless or stupid; not pointing fingers, just saying. If you have suggestions about how things could be ran smoother than please share it for consideration with future tournaments. Anyways, the 3 backups in their respective order are Warx toy, C0l0nel Awes0me, and LJ0021.

Obviously after this round we are going to have an uneven amount of people. Because of this, we have come up with a unique way of moving forward. The winners of round 2 will all play in a non-elimination rumble pit match to create seedings, 1 through 5. Following the rumble pit match, seedings 4 and 5 will play an elimination match for the last spot in the final 4. In the final 4, 1st seed from the rumble pit will play the winner of the 4th & 5th seed's elimination match; and 2nd & 3rd seeds will play. The championship round will be best of 3.

After a lot of discussion many of us really felt this would be the most fair way to move forward. If anyone has serious concerns about this not being fair or no where near the best way to finish the tournament than please speak up. Otherwise this is how it's gonna go down. Again, this was a unanimous decision made by a good chunk of the clan of members both still in the tournament and members already eliminated. This was also decided before the 2nd round matchup drawing.

Good Luck FucKerS!!!
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The Remainder of the 1v1 Tournament
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